Virushka Editorial Policies & Quality Standards

Virushka Editorial Policy

The motivation behind this editorial policy is to build up a set of processes to make sure accuracy, inclusivity, objectivity, relevance, straightforwardness, and importance of the data which are provided on Virushka.

Our Editorial Principles

Readers First: we bring out each article in view of the reader. We guarantee to cover content that you are searching for to help you up your magnificence, wellbeing, and health schedules. Our language is straightforward, and we try not to utilize complex language.

Accuracy & Reliability: Our content is current, in view of broad exploration, and reality-checked and reviewed by members of our clinical board and specialists. We also reach out with board-certified doctors, registered dietitians, dermatologists, and licensed estheticians to ensure you get access to expert-approved guidance and hacks .

Inclusivity & Sensitivity: Our content is principally composed for a India audience. In any case, we ensure that our language advance regards and inclusivity of different age groups, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, and relationship statuses. The articles utilize empathetic, compassionate, and person-first language.

Our Content Creation Process : When it comes to beauty, health, and fitness, we trust in straightforwardness and sharing precisely the way in which we approach making content that is important. Look further into our article creation process.

Editorial Integrity : The content on Virushka isn’t planned to be a substitute for proficient clinical exhortation, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your physician or medical experts if you have any medical condition. We make a reasonable distinction among editorial and advertorial content. Virushka team members who work on content do not work in promoting.
The Virushka Editorial Team doesn’t give particular treatment to any external asset. In articles where an outer connection/asset is pertinent to the subject and valuable to a reader, proper revelations are made in accordance with FTC rules. Articles in association with brands are clearly labeled ‘Sponsored’ and do not reflect the opinions of the editorial team. Read our promoting strategy.

Product Recommendations & Listings : The internet offers a plenty of choices to choose from, and it can get contorl over the research and select the best beauty and fitness products out there. Virushka smoothes out the exploration interaction to this process less difficult and more straightforward for the reader. Our group of well-informed authorities does comprehensive examination and afterward organizes a rundown of proposals in every item class. Despite the fact that we acquire a commission on each item you buy through our site, our item proposals are totally article. Here is a look into our item examination and determination process.

Feedback : We heartily welcome feedback form our readers. if you have an idea or remark, reach us at

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