What can you do at 18?

What can you do at 18?

Turning 18 is a big deal. There’s so much to look forward to and there are so many memories to hold onto. It can be a confusing and exhilarating time in one’s life. At 18, you have energy, excitement, and the promise of a fulfilling youth.  Most importantly though, you have hope. You should have hope. Thre’s no telling if life will get better or worse, but either way, you must have hope. This message to have hope is not a rosy proclamation of a better tomorrow. Rather, it’s a life hack. Hope will help you survive. Enough with the morbid declarations? We agree. In the spirit of a hopeful tomorrow, let’s look at what you can do when you turn 18.  Including the new voting and driving rights, the age of 18 comes with so much to offer. Here’s a list of all our favorites. 

  • Civil services: If you’re up for it, you can join the military and serve your motherland!
  • Get a Voter ID: Yes, responsibility is also a part of being 18
  • Donate blood: This one is self-explanatory
  • Register to be an organ donor!
  • Write your will: We know it sounds ominous, but give it a try. Might be more fun than you’d think!
  • Get a Job: Make some extra money on the side, and let the world be your oyster!
  • Buy a Lottery ticket: Not to be repetitive, but have some hope and buy a lottery ticket. You never know when it’ll be your lucky day!
  • Drive late at night: Please do this responsibly, but going for a ride in the cool night breeze might be just the thing you need today. 
  • Invest in your health: Get basic checkup tests and figure out any underlying problems you may have. It’ll all be worth it, we promise
  • Get a bank account: Handling finances is one of the most exciting parts of being an adult. Explore and educate yourself about personal finance
  • Start your career: If you’re interested in real estate, art or theatre, start now! It’s never too early to pursue something you’re passionate about. 
  • Become a notary public: Unleash the nerd in you and apply to become a notary republic
  • File a lawsuit: Has your favorite restaurant ever wronged you? Now’s your chance to get even
  • Buy stock: Be careful! You can lose a lot of money through investing, but you can also earn a lot. Do your research and slowly make your way up to becoming a millionaire. 
  • Adopt:  A dog, cat, or baby. An animal would be more suitable, but you do you!
  • Get piercings: If you’re looking for a classic makeover, now’s the time. Get a piercing and elevate your whole look
  • Self-care: This can mean anything really. Book a hotel room, get cozy in a bathrobe and eat nachos in bed while watching Office re-runs. Or grind it out at the gym. We honestly prefer the former. 
  • Get a Tattoo: The regret can get real with this one, but if you’re sure about who you want to be, there’s no stopping you 
  • Change your name: This one is a little strange, but changing your name might help you grow into your brand new persona.
  • Skydive: If you’re one to dance with the devil, an adventure like Skydiving might be your best bet. 
  • Get Vaccinated: Trust us on this one. 
  • Graffiti!: Buy Spray paint and let your inner creativity take the lead
  • Buy a Vehicle: Stop asking your mom to drop you everywhere and buy a car or a bike for yourself!
  • Get a driving license: Drive through the suburbs (alone), when you get your very own license. Happy Driving!
  • Update your passport: Get rid of that nasty childhood picture and update your passport
  • Solo-Trip: Go see the world for yourself, the rest will fall into place 🙂
  • Yardsale: Sell off all your childhood belongings and start fresh 
  • Donate: If you feel generous, donate your old clothes and toys. Karma will remember
  • Bet on a horserace: Once again, do this responsibly. Pick your favorite racing horse and let your guardian angel do the rest 

You can have all the fun you want but make sure to fulfill your responsibilities at the same time. Ignoring your duties will set you on a dangerous course for the rest of your life. Firstly, you should know your actions have consequences. You will now be prosecuted as an adult for any crimes you may commit. We hope you choose to be on the good side of the law. Any loans or debts you have in your name will be legally held against you if you fail to pay on time. Your juvenile record will be closed. Your past crimes won’t show on record. It’s like a fresh start of sorts. Make sure to be good this time. Any employment you take up after turning 18 will be appropriately taxed as per the tax laws. 

While the age of 18 comes with its own responsibilities and challenges, there’s so much to be excited about. With a whole new life ahead of you, the possibilities are endless. We hope this list gave you a few ideas to start with and we also welcome you to the world of adulthood! It sucks, you’re going to love it!

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